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Originating in Tokyo and created by two architects, this presentation style has officially gone viral and has swept across the globe.Regular “Pecha Kucha Nights” now happen monthly in (at last count) 527 cities across the globe… Pecha Kucha is named for the Japanese sound of conversation, or “chit chat” when translated.In the Inspector box, click on the second tab to open the Transition options. Pecha Kuch is for fun, it’s a social experiment, and only artists do it. I say every technique that has the potential to engage an audience has a place in the presenter’s tool belt.

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How do you answer questions, or pause to explain a topic in more detail if the slides are timed?Unlike speed dating, however, your success rate is determined by more than your rugged good looks.It’s called Pecha Kucha (pronounced, not to be confused with Pikachu).If the bell rings before you told her that you liked romantic walks on the beach and kittens, you’re out of luck.There is a trend in presentation delivery that places a presenter in a similar situation.On the back, the map also features the Gateway Arch in St.Louis, a national icon which opened to the public 50 years ago.Faculty, post-docs, graduate students, and undergraduates are invited to attend. and be followed by a networking reception with refreshments from 6- p.m. Our NYC singles events take place at Mustang Harrys in Manhattan and at other NYC Speed dating venues.This eliminates any awkward entrance to exists to conversations. We held our first NYC speed dating event for NYC singles on Valentines Day 2003 and have since expanded to NYC and NYC.Over 60 married couples and we are still going strong!


  1. How do you make a burger entirely from plants? Can you use living bacteria to make art? What are some real-world applications of CRISPR? How do some sea slugs adopt really flashy colors? Can you use mushrooms to make bricks? We've got you covered on all those questions in a fun format - speed dating with.

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