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Among the approved names the girls name Aati appears, which seems to have the same form.

Several names use the stem alu- (sole) and kamik (boot).Another common name resembling this name is Ajaaja, with the ending -ja, which is commonly used by children as a designation for a relative.The -ja ending is also to be found in Najaaja (another newer name, Naja being younger sister to a boy) and Aviaaja (cousin).A small child tries to say "angaju" (big sister or brother) and produces the sound "aaju" instead.These names usually are used internally in the family, but as is often the case, they stick to the person and evolves into personal names.These designations usually are used internally in the family, but as is often the case, these designations stick to the person and evolve into personal names.Common endearment term for children meaning: 'poor little mite'. The ending -kasik also is often used in personal names, such as: Aqqalukasik (poor littlebrother to older sister), Unaakasik (poor harpoon), Aakasak (here Aakasik in Central Western Greenlandic)."Sweet Little One." An endearment term for children, which have evolved to become a personal name.When the wife fled to the mountains, he pursued her and was made to fall asleep in its burrow, only to wake up the next spring.In some variants of the myth some scholars suggests that the name means "the small one fathomed in the likeness of a harp seal", from which a poor hunter wishes to identify himself with the seals and dies or falls into a death-like sleep and become a seal, but is caught by humans and return once again among humans to become a good hunter.Amaalik was traditionally a name used by both genders.For females Amaalik means "the One Carrying a Child in Her Amaat (a womans coat with a large hood to carry children)". A variety of forms are used as a personal name, the most common being the abbreviation Anga, but often used in combination with a European name Anga Otto og Anga Tobias, or with suffixes: Angaaraq (little uncle), Angaanngu (North Girl.:little uncle).


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  2. Publication of Greenlandic names. New publication from Oqaasileriffik Greenland Language Secretariat. Greenlandic personal names their meaning and background

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  5. Isumaa Aaju meeraaqqap oqalulerlaap kutattumik taasineranit angajumik oqariaraluarneranit aallaaveqarpoq. Isumaa Aaju meeraaqqap oqalulerlaap

  6. Ivalu Lynge Rasmussen; Mika Lyberth; Nunni Mølgaard; Suikkaq Reimer; Vivi Fleischer; Læs ogs.

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