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Top sex chat conversation

Felix wiped himself and got dressed without my help.

It is a very good thing because girls can’t always leave the rooms where they have served the customers.

It is not stiff yet, but I can see it becoming harder and harder…

He moved the handle to the limit and the toy stick started fucking me with all its might and up to its full length.

Shyness is a good trait but we have to satisfy all the desires of our clients in our café. When Felix lowered this machine down I came up to him and began unzipping the fly of his pants. While I was working on his pants he squeezed my breasts slightly through the blouse. - I’ll tell you the truth but, please, don’t torture me with that control, – I pointed at the terrible dildo-operating handle.

But when you realize that there’s nothing dirty about dirty talking, and that it’s actually really sexy and arousing, and can do wonders for your sex life, you may even start to like it!

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On impulse I had a strong desire to feel it inside, to feel how it moved.

A few seconds later I opened my eyes and saw a rigid cock with a dark-red swollen head in front of my face. But then I realized it was Felix who had stimulated his phallus nearly to the peak of sexual tension.


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