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Updating cells based selection drop down list data validation

The Data Validation menu is in the Data tab in the Excel Ribbon: And here’s what the menu looks like: In each of the three methods below, you will use this feature to choose the items in our menu.OK, enough of the introduction – let’s start creating these menus!This is just a simple example that might be used in an office environment, and we’ll go through this example throughout this post.And before we get into the specific points of each method, read on to find out about the Data Validation feature which is a key part of setting up a drop down menu in Excel.And I understand the reasons why you want to include these in your workbook.Some spreadsheets in Excel are meant to be tightly controlled.If you have a static list of values that you want to choose from in your menu, you can enter them manually into the “Source:” box when you change the Validation options.

We expect these sessions to only last about an hour.

I then have formulas which count up all of the hours related to each category and generate a KPI. This formula ONLY works if they use the drop-down choices.

If they type in one extra character then I am at a loss.

In our sheet, we have several rows that are intentionally blank.

One temporary workaround is to create custom criteria, and in addition to all the possible values of the drop-down list also include blank. The initial question remains, though - if a person has created a sheet with a drop-down list, why are items that are not on the list by default not accepted? I'm trying to keep the input within a certain set of fixed responses, and currently can't fix the user Will try the format thing, but want the "lock dropdown" feature please.


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