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Us sedating dangerous prisoners

What they didn't tell her was that they had an arrangement with the next couple of towns that would mean her return for further rehabilitation in the event she was caught practicing her trade there.

After raping her a second time, they brought her to the chief.

There wasn't much she could do about it since she was securely handcuffed and they promised to really mess her up if she gave them any trouble.The ambulance chaser is worried that the Feds might get involved and then we'd all be in deep shit. The only good news I have is that they aren't feeding the interrogation onto the Internet.So he says to sit tight and hope that Kurtz doesn't do too much damage to your wife. They say it's too heavy even for the Internet, and besides Kurtz wants to sell the tape to her uncle for distribution in Asia." ( To be continued - lex ludite ) Chapter II The subject of this discussion, Vicky, short for Victoria, Vlad was indeed in deep shit.While she sucked their cocks so they could fuck her again, they told her that all whores in this town had to have a special license to work their trade.After a rehab period that would last until the chief was convinced that she understood the seriousness of her offense, she would either be granted a license or be taken to the town limits and released.If she wasn't such a great fuck I'd throw her out on the street where I found her to begin with." The chief hung up and turned his attention to the naked teenager who was roped securely to a vertical wooden frame.She looked to be around fifteen, just beginning to fill out.This is not one for the squeamish or politically correct among us. " "No can do chief." "What do you mean he can't get her out? The judge has agreed to hear motions from your lawyer, but not until late tomorrow because of other commitments." "Well, I want you to keep an eye on my wife, no later what! V got arrested a couple of hours ago, and I've been trying to get a hold of you since I heard about it." "To tell the truth, that's what I'm doing right now.They've been forcing water into her stomach and she looks like she's ten months pregnant with triplets. I wonder what's gonna happen when she starts throwing up; they've got her gagged so the only way out for the water is through her nose and that ain't gonna cut it." "That's her problem for being such a dumb cunt.


  1. THE FAMILY VLAD Chapter 7 Vlad decided that the best way to handle his reluctant guest was with a welcome to my house beating, one that she would never.

  2. Spice is a terrifying drug, but panic won’t make it go away. numbing and sedating. the media have allowed us to forget that these are vulnerable.

  3. Posted by faithful December 14, 2007 dementia due to head trauma and related issues of medical management

  4. Us sedating dangerous prisoners A woman had her skull smashed in with bricks by the men who gang raped her after she threatened to tell police, officers have said.

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