Validating parking

Additional information regarding the validation program can be found by reviewing the Validation Terms and Conditions.

Feel free to contact our office via email at [email protected] you need assistance.

Once payment has been made at the POF, the garage ticket will be marked as paid, and will be used to exit the garage. Validation ticket usage is billed on a monthly basis.

Some cities or towns charge merchants by the number of times the validation is used, while others impose a monthly fee for the service.Most businesses use either an automated machine to give free parking or will stamp the parking ticket as proof.If the local businesses use automated systems, customers can often just insert the ticket into the machine in the garage or lot, and the validation will be verified.Parking validation is a co-operative effort between businesses and local parking laws that gives customers the ability to waive parking fees.Garages and parking lots will often offer validation to customers of nearby shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues.Most garages offer a limited amount of free parking with validation, usually between one and four hours.Not all merchants offer it or advertise that they will validate, so customers should be sure to check with the business they are visiting before leaving.A: Account information was provided in the initial request for a parking validation and is tied to your department’s validation number.To update the account/cost center number, please email our office at [email protected] or signed tickets will usually need to be checked by a parking attendant at the exit.Validations provide a convenient tool for IUPUI and IU Health departments to pay for their guest’s parking while visiting campus.


  1. Validating Parking is a means by which a shop/restaurant/bank/whatever will effectively pay for your parking if you buy from them. You got a parking ticket when you parked, and then pay a human when you leave the car park based on the amount of t.

  2. Jun 13, 2013. In 1989, a bank-teller at the Old National Bank in Spokane, WA refused to validate the $0.50 parking stub of a shabbily dressed man who'd come in to cash a check. That shabbily dressed man was John Barrier, a 30-year customer of the bank with more than $1 million on deposit; which he promptly.

  3. Step 3 Look for the ParkSJ Validation symbol in the windows of businesses that offer parking validation. See the list of businesses. Step 4 Validate your ticket at a participating business – Participating retailers will either issue you one rose-colored validation coupon to be used in conjunction with your parking entry ticket.

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