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Here, the budding fitness scion discusses the price of TV stardom, her plan to date older women, and why most of us will never look like her. When I started dating one of my employees [Rebecca, a trainer who was previously straight], I was like, So what? It just goes to show I need to stop dating girls under 30. ELLE: Work Out is different from other reality-fitness shows because it focuses on the behind-the-scenes drama.

If there’s anything I want to do, I’ll do it myself. But you must move every day of your life for at least 10 minutes intensely. But the show, now in its third season, is mostly about Jackie Warner, Sky Sport's cut lesbian owner and cell-phone mogulette-turned-bodybuilder (she became a millionaire at 21), who ministers tough love to her clients and clutch of rambunctious trainers. ELLE: The show focuses a lot on your personal life. Carrying the show is very stressful, because I never get away from the cameras. It seems like partners, especially the young girls, are rarely equipped to handle what goes on. JW: Well, I think that older lesbians definitely didn't take care of themselves. JW: I have a lot of girls who are 5'2"—I mean, I'm 5'8", they're 5'2". So a lot of women say, "I want to look just like you." I'm like, "Well, let's just schedule a couple of hours to train every day and cut out sugar Monday through Friday—oh, and we need to elongate you about five inches." You need to look at the best for what your genetic body type is. The show's big draw, however, is the subplot—Warner's relationships with a string of somewhat unstable girlfriends, a couple of whom she plucks like flowers from the hetero world, wooing them with her signature spiky crop and a six-pack that rivals Lance Armstrong's. And having the constant focus on me, there's a lot of jealousy. They've got a little mesomorph body type: short little muscles, short little arms, short little legs. The title of Bravo's reality fitness show Work Out is a bit misleading. I carry myself in a way that makes it easier for women to relate to. [Growing up in rural Ohio], all of my girlfriends were cheerleaders. It became a joke, but a lot of the men were upset or jealous of me because I got the girl. When I effortlessly get the girl, it pisses them off. I was so nervous; I didn't know what the camera was going to make me look like.Yes, it takes place at Sky Sport & Spa, a high-gloss L. gym with penthouse views, and yes, it depicts a few portly middle-aged adults pounding out reps while taut trainers tune out their whimpers. We're dealing with bodies, and trainers are very into being beautiful, so you're going to have people who are attracted to each other. [The trainers] work a day or two a week; I work six days a week, 13 hours a day to get that footage. ELLE: One of the recurring themes on the show is that you have this sirenlike power to turn straight women gay. ELLE: Is there a lesbian physical ideal, and has it changed? I'd get up at five in the morning and train every single day. ELLE: Is that what women have to do to look like you? ), Warner has hit the Big Apple with plenty of new moves to share. ” event in New York, Greatist caught up with Warner to get down and dirty doing what she does best: working us I always say it’s not how long, it’s how strong. You can do high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which is 20 minutes of cardio before [strength training]. So basically it’s not about doing an hour-and-a-half a day or an hour a day, it’s about going to intensity and going to muscle failure, which is very, very important.… Or, you can do cardio acceleration, which is doing your resistance training and then working in a minute or two of extreme cardio in between your sets. I’ve been training myself for so many years that I really have to excite myself. Leg jacks – 15-20 reps(Perform as a continuous circuit, two times through.)A. “She was arrested and the investigation is ongoing, and the case will be presented to the district attorney’s office upon completion of the investigation,” Detective Hom tells Us Weekly, adding yesterday: "She is not in custody at this time." TMZ has published Warner's mug shot (below), along with further details about what transpired.Warner allegedly went to lunch on Friday afternoon and drank one martini. However, sources claims that Warner took an Ambien to help her fall asleep when she got home... Cops have told TMZ that a breathalyzer test was administered at the scene and that Warner blew right around a .08.I have the type of body that doesn’t like to put on muscle. I press 35 to 45-pound dumbbells because that’s what I have to do to keep this musculature. One way I do that is by changing my playlist frequently. And the other way is by creating new programs and combinations of exercises. Fire Hydrants – 15 reps(Perform as a continuous circuit, two times through.)A.


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