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Whos dating shailene woodley

Because of their on-cam chemistry, most fans are hoping that Theo and Shailene, who plays Four and Tris, respectively, in the “Divergent” movie series based on the novel of Veronica Roth, should consider going out because they really look good together.

She was associated with a corporate for several years before starting to work as a content writer.Breaking up from their on-screen romance If there is a breakup that happened recently involving Theo and Shailene, it was their split from their on-screen romance after completing the first of the two-part third movie of the “Divergent” movie series officially titled “Divergent: Allegiant.” After completing filming for their third movie together, which is due to hit theaters in March next year, both Theo and Shailene are now busy with their individual careers, notes Movie News Guide.Theo James is currently working on two new films including “War On Everyone” and “The Secret Scripture” but both movies have yet to have release dates.He said that they are good professionals, before pulling it back by saying that he was just kidding and that what he actually meant is that he and Shailene get along great in the “Divergent” movie series.The 30-year-old British actor had to make clarifications about the controversy as there have also been reports that he and Ruth have already broken up, which he denied matter-of-factly.James has just completed the shoot of Hugo Boss’ Scent advertisement in between filming breaks for the two-part “Divergent: Allegiant,” the concluding movies of the “Divergent” trilogy.Latest reports also indicate that instead of simply being called as “Divergent: Allegiant Part 1” and “Divergent: Allegiant Part 2,” the concluding movies of the Divergent series will be “Divergent: Allegiant” and “Divergent: Ascending,” respectively.Hollywood Fans of the onscreen couple Shailene Woodley and Theo James have always been speculative about their relationship in real life too.However, these constant speculations have resulted in some issues in the personal life of the actor it seems.He feels once “Allegiant” gets released they would like previous times be well accepted by fans.The speculations increased further when the couple did not thrown any highlight about how they were spending their holidays.


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