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Zac efron dating in

Recently, he explained what goes into his go-to smoothie and it’s not even close to that boring protein shake recipe you discovered when you googled how to lose weight.

I saw that [the homeless man] was carrying some sort of a knife, or shank, and I got out of the car to disarm him.He is trying to shed an unwanted skin, cleanse himself mentally and physically, purge a past that has come to haunt him.A self-described insomniac, he acknowledges wrestling with anxiety ("100 percent") and being plagued by "thoughts, just thoughts, just overthinking things." PHOTOS: Zac Efron Through The Years Currently single, he speaks of "the struggles of dating, of falling in love, of searching for love and being there for your friends when they need you.There's no question that to receive anything great, like love or respect, or to better yourself, you have to give a piece of yourself away." As he tries to change, he is living an ultrafit life, using weights and a rowing machine, and swimming 20 laps a day. Things are so much easier now." Still, he admits of his battle with addiction, "It's a never-ending struggle." .He has the type of regimen that makes older men weep -- working out daily, eating healthily and even drinking p H-balanced water from a specially installed alkaline faucet. "On the grand scale of things, he's doing a pretty good job," says Rogen.Efron explains the secret recipe in the video, “This is the pre-red carpet spark smoothie that I’m whipping up right now.” After this, he promptly zooms in on each of the ingredients of the drink while pointing them out, such as spinach, kale, blueberries, raspberries, a banana, an avocado (for some healthy fats), coconut water mixed with almond milk, some chia seeds and a touch of honey., Efron’s diet largely comprises “all the greens, all the veggies, all the lean protein.” Murphy further explains that the majority of foods he ate were alive, tending to spoil fairly quickly. Ashley Tisdale and longtime BFF Zac Efron looked like a heckuva lot more during a birthday beach outing in Malibu Saturday."I had a friend come pick me up late at night -- we were looking for a place downtown to get a bite and catch up," he says, without identifying the friend."We were having trouble finding somewhere -- a lot of places were closed -- and the car ran out of gas off the 110. We had to pull over, and I called Uber." While waiting, "A homeless guy, or vagrant, tapped on the driver's-side window.At the same time, I'm a human being, and I've made a lot of mistakes.I've learned from each one." It's April 11, mere weeks since the 26-year-old star of the got into a tussle with a homeless man in downtown Los Angeles in the early hours of the morning.


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